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Welcome to GOTH.NET

For those of you new to GOTH.NET, welcome and feel free to look around. We've tried to assemble a vast range of resources for goths and those interested in the scene.

Welcome to the new design of GOTH.NET! Please have a look around at all the additions and new features.

Want to know what's new? Check out the News section. You can also sign up for the GOTH.NET Announcements Mailing List. You can subscribe and/or unsubscribe here.

Please check out the Forums on GOTH.NET. For discussion of all kinds of topics relating to the Gothic subculture, the site and its services, feedback etcetera. There is also an Awards section which currently houses awards we have received.

If you have any questions, please check out the GOTH.NET FAQ. We have tried to address the most common issues there.

The Community section houses links to local scene pages across the globe, so you can see if your local area has something to offer you in the way of shopping, clubs etc. There's also a net.goth section to be found there.

The Links section has a huge database of links to various pages... music, shopping, events, etc. The links are updated frequently, so check back from time to time.

The Members section is for those of you who have email and/or webspace on GOTH.NET. New email and email/webspace accounts are not open for application at this time.

The Art and Writings sections contain artwork and writings submitted to us by GOTH.NET users and visitors. These sections are continually expanding so check back regularly.

For those of you looking for the Official GOTH.NET response to the Columbine Massacre issued in the wake of the April '99 tragedy go here.

Enjoy your stay at GOTH.NET, and please check back as we will be continually adding to the site.


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