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The Ghost of Emily Malone

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The Ghost of Emily Malone


Part I


The night, oh so gently, kissed me on my face

From the light of the sun I have fallen from grace

I hearken up to the blue moon alive

Which allows me to live, allows me to thrive


And the best night ever, that I have had at all

Came just last night, in the middle of fall

I was sitting secluded by a gravestone half clean

The mist around it an embrace, cool and serene.


I looked to the name that it did represent

To see with whom my night would be spent

Engraved upon the cold black stone

Read the name : Emily Malone


I bid her hello and sat down to read

About woeful suffering and human’s greed.

A feeling of sadness crept into my heart

As if from this world I had wanted to part


A wolf howled in the distance, eerily sweet

I then heard a sound that swept me off of my seat

A voice calling softly, whispering shrill :

“You will join me someday, you will, you will.”



I looked all around me seeking the source

For that distant being whose voice was hoarse

My eyes beheld not what had made the sound

So I set back down on the plush grassy ground


I opened my book and turned it to Longfellow

The Day Is Done felt wistfully mellow

As I closed the leather binding a sight caught my eye

A movement of shadow I tried to deny


Yet nothing stirred not even the wind

I was just being jumpy, no need to defend

I looked again at the grave that sat so alone

And read the name : Emily Malone


I wondered then how she had passed

And just when that breath had been her last

Wiping away the dirt and grime

I read her death was fifteen ninety-nine


Once again the voice it came

It spoke with a vengeance, crying my name

It cried and screamed while whispering still :

“You will join me someday, you will, you will.”



Then in a view what did behold

A gothic beauty worth more than gold

She came to my side, her icy hand on my cheek

Then she kissed me, leaving me weak.


Her smile was desolate, her eyes full of sorrow

She took my hand and bid me to follow

No will had I to resist her mute plea

I let this ghost have control over me


I studied her features, attire and such

She looked quite ancient, and cold to the touch

And suddenly it struck me with whom I did roam

I was with she : Emily Malone


No ounce of fear for my life did I know

She was the nourishment I needed to grow

I wanted to know her and love her in strife

And make her my adored dark gothic wife


With her I walked among the tombs

Stopping where the nightshade blooms

Then with a voice so exquisitely real :

“You will join me someday, you will, you will.”



Upon the poisoned berries we made a bed

And upon my chest she lay her dark head

And there we make love together for hours

I was the castle and she was my towers


The voice of night filled me with peace

I looked over to the spirit who was starting to cease

Slowly disappearing before my blue eye

And I suddenly realized our love had been lies


She was vanishing, going away

Leaving me alone to the cruel light of day

I cried out a name with a harsh baleful moan

The name of the ghost : Emily Malone


She seemed to understand my despair

As she started to become nothing but air

I knew not what I was supposed to do

I mourned for my time with her was through


Holding her tighter, an embrace of fear

She softly kissed away my tear

Then with her last breath she whispered her fill :

“You will join me someday, you will, you will”



As dusk approached I came back to sit in this place

Hoping for a glimpse of her pale pixie face

Every night under the shrouded moon would I wait

Knowing without doubt she would be my fate


I think of last night so toxic and pure

We had done things never thought of before

Together forever I wanted to be

I with her and her with me


I knew not why these feelings I had

She was gone and I should be glad

But all it takes is to look at the stone

That reads the name : Emily Malone


After reading her name I transfix once more

As I read about Deirdre and the blue claymore

Then to my wonder I heard a slight murmur

Which after a moment became ever firmer


Toward it I ran like a Christian devote

And to me her ghost did float

Her voice sounded like a cold winter chill

“You will join me someday, you will, you will.”



Part II


To the grave close to hers she went and she sat

Giving the ground by her a soft gentle pat

Like a puppy I obeyed and sat down

She pointed to the gravestone with a sorrowful frown


I wondered at first why she brought me right here

And in my soul I felt a deep fear

She stroked the cool granite and bid me to see

The name that was etched so sullenly


I was loathe to look with a feeling of terror

I felt if I did I would look in a mirror

Slowly I turned my head to the stone

Which read the name : Thomas Malone


I looked back at the ghost all in vain

Wondering if I was no longer sane

Something about the name pulled me in

And to her past I wondered again


She smiled softly looked me in the eye

And made me feel as I wanted to die

And softly she told me, calm and surreal

“You will join me someday, you will, you will.”



I felt myself being pulled back in time

The year was fifteen ninety-nine

A man stood in a cemetery with a happy sigh

The man in the cemetery looked just like I


He was tall and regal and Goth to the core

Dressed in attire from an otherworldly shore

The ghost then appeared, alive and vibrant

And to his side she openly went


They kissed and they touched among the dead

Thoughts of adoration filling their head

And there they made love among the cold stone

The man she was with : Thomas Malone


When their passion was sated he held her tight

And they stayed side by side all through the night

As dawn started to come up and leave its mark

The man decided to no longer be left in the dark


On one knee he went, to her wondered surprise

And loved the look that had filled her kind eyes

With this phrase made with love he gave his seal :

“You will join me someday, you will, you will.”



Suddenly another scene played in my head

It was the day the two would be wed

The night held a marriage that had just begun

A night that would be remembered by everyone


A couple stood together hand in hand

Surrounded by graves put in the land

They were dressed in black down to their feet

Both were so elegant, so gothic, and sweet.


The vows were read and the kiss had been given

You could tell that the lovers were ultimately smitten

Neither thought they would ever again be alone

The couple was named : Thomas and Emily Malone


Not ten minutes later did an angry mob appear

Putting the couple in terrible fear

By the end of the fight Thomas lay dying

Emily was at his side, softly crying


Thomas assured her it would be alright

And stayed alive through the rest of the night

As the sun came, he passed and this vow he did spill

“You will join me someday, you will, you will.”



Then appeared the funeral hour

Everyone’s mood was sullen and sour

She looked at the face forever cold

With him she now would never grow old


Once everyone had left, she sang him a song

She sang it loud and she sang it long

It was one of agony and grief

All she now wanted was blessed relief


Pulling back the hair from his handsome head

She vowed to be with him be it alive or dead

She was forever a shadow now lost on her own

Without her lover : Thomas Malone


She withdrew the knife, a shiny blade

And to the world a goodbye she did bade

Without second thought it sliced through her veins

She thought not of remorse or of the red colored stains


Laying beside his coffin she waited

As the light in her eyes slowly faded

She hoped that these words she would fulfill:

“You will join me someday, you will, you will.”



Her spirit, however, did not move on

And forced was she to witness the dawn

By night she would walk in anguish and fear

By the light of the day she would disappear


The fate she was dealt was hard to accept

As along the tombs she silently crept

Wondering if she would ever see her true love again

Reborn into the cruel world of men


She wondered if he, in spirit, would be changed

If he would be lucid instead of deranged

This she did wonder as she did roam

Crying out for her lover : Thomas Malone


She wanted to see him, alive and well

Knowing it would make more bearable her hell

To see him breathing with a book in his face

Without a care and full of Goth grace


And waited she long for the love she once had

The soul that had once made her so glad

Every night she would vow this love would fulfill :

“You will join me someday, you will, you will.”



Part III


Back to my senses I slowly came

I began to weep and cry out her name

Her life had been tragic, not as was planned

Only then did I start to understand


Suddenly I realized the startling truth

About this maiden forever in youth

I was the incarnation of her lover which died

The death that had caused her own suicide


I was he that had died in her arms

And was forbidden all of life’s charms

The man who, by grace, died not alone

I was the man : Thomas Malone


Together again, yet not all was right

I was a mortal Goth, and she a spirit of night

How harshly had fate twisted our roads

And weighed our already heavy loads


A frozen tear fell from her sad widened eyes

As her love for me she could not disguise

Voiced she then with a tone that could kill

“You will join me someday, you will, you will.”



I thought on the years she spent away from me

Spending the years in woe and misery

Unable to move on because of her pain

Making impossible for us to start over again


I cherished her so, my wife of the past

I knew that my destiny had found me at last

I cursed the time that we never did know

My sadness as black as the purity of snow


Yet in this moment she is here with me now

And I wanted to be with her, though I knew not how

No longer apart did I want us to roam

But to be once again : Thomas and Emily Malone


I thought of the way in which I could die

That would not cause my soul to fly

Shaking her head, she disagreed with my plan

She wanted me to say alive as a man


I knew she was saddened to think in this way

Trying to spare me from death’s disarray

And then with a vengeance she whispered still :

“You will join me, someday, you will, you will.”



She wished there to be a different road

That could bring us back to love’s blissful cold

but my death she could not bare to see

She had seen it once and could not save me


Our time together could be not long

We both knew our love was now wrong

Different entities were we on earth’s darkened plain

We had everything to lose and nothing to gain


My life she refused to let me take

That choice she would not let me make

So always would we be completely alone

Separated forever : Thomas and Emily Malone


My thoughts were hard to comprehend

I only wished for my life to end

But she held me fast and would not let me go

Within her a sorrow no man should know


Before me was the woman I was suppose to protect

Yet, by my death, I had shown her neglect

My vows to her I longed to make real :

“You will join me someday, you will, you will.”



I then held her close, gave her no need to fear

I told her then that I would always be near

She smiled at me with a love in her touch

A craving for her overcame me so much


For many hour long I showed her my passion

Until her face was no longer ashen

There we did lay in the grass and the dirt

I was suffering remorse that her I would hurt


I sat and I listened to her as our song she did sing

And I glanced at the finger that still held my ring

With a quiet despair I looked at each stone

The ones that said : Thomas and Emily Malone


She finished her song and silently lay

Both us waiting for the cruel light of day

I decided then that this would not be our last night

I would go willing to that which caused so much fright


My mind then made up that I would keep my vow

That someday was here, I would join her now

I smiled as she said with the hope we did feel :

“You will join me someday, you will, you will.”



I stood suddenly and ran off with full speed

Where she then followed me to the poisoned weed

To that place where our bodied did unite

Under the stars so shiny and bright


The wild berries I ate before she could stop me

And I writhed and I cried in full agony

I fell to the ground, my life fading fast

Her ghost held my body until I breathed my last


And then, just like that, I was only a soul

My body a shell that would soon turn to coal

I looked over to she who was no longer alone

Reunited at last : Thomas and Emily Malone


In joy we wept with love so profound

As we both floated up off of the ground

In the air we danced together as one

Waiting for the rising sun


And as it came we did disappear

As though we both never were here

And these words did our fate fulfill

“You will join me someday, you will, you will.”


- Midieval Fantasy



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