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Frequently Asked Questions - Submitting Content

GOTH.NET accepts submissions from the community of four types of content.

Art is for artistic works created by artists in the gothic community or that are relevant to it.  When submitting art, you may submit an audio file (eg. music, a pod cast, etc), a video, a written work (eg. stories, poetry, etc) or create an image gallery and submit images to it.

Community is for submitting resources for local (geographically centered) goth communities.  Most often these include clubs, stores, or other places that goths in that area may wish to frequent.  This is not a section for global or web-only resources, but specifically for people to find out how their gothic needs may be served in their local area.

Links is for submitting web links.  This could be for gothic online stores, or portals or any website that caters to or is of interest to goths online.

Groups is for content relating to user-created interest groups.  These are described in more detail in another section of the FAQ.

Content on GOTH.NET goes through three stages.

First, when you submit it, it will be in the draft stage.  Only you can see this content, and it is not eligible for moderation, however you may modify and tweak it until you think it is ready for review.  When this is done you may set it's Moderation State to 'Needs Review' (some sections, such a links often skip the draft stage).

All content that is to be published on the website (excluding some interest groups) must be moderated before it may be posted publicly.  Once your content is in the 'Needs Review' stage, our moderation staff will be able to see it as eliglble to be reviewed for publication.  We try and do a prompt job of moderating the submitted content, but we are people too, and volunteers at that.

When a moderator reviews your content, they will perform one of three actions.

  1. They will approve it, publishing it to the main website and your content is visible to the world (this is the final stage).
  2. They will move it back to the draft state, indicating it needs more work or refinement before it can be published (usually they will also contact you to tell you what needs to change before it is re-submitted for review).
  3. They will delete it outright - for content that is completely inappropriate or undesirable on GOTH.NET.

If you wish to modify your content in the future, you may do so by creating a new draft that will go through the above steps again, however the current, published version will remain on the website until the revision has been approved.

This can happen for one of two reasons.

The most likely is that your content is still in the 'Draft' state.  You must change the moderation state to 'Needs Review' before our moderators will be able to see it and review it for publication.

The other is that our moderators have not gotten around to your content yet to review it for publication.

Please keep in mind that if the content in question has been submitted to an interest group (instead of the Art, Community or Links sections), the moderators for your content might not be GOTH.NET staff, but are instead entirely determined by the manager of that interest group.

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