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Frequently Asked Questions - Webspace

For now, we are not yet offering home pages on GOTH.NET for members.  We will be adding this feature again in the future, however some custom coding and other things must be put in place before this can happen.

If you previously had a home page hosted on GOTH.NET, you should contact us.  Your data has not been lost!

We can re-enable your home page on GOTH.NET (at the same URL), however you will first have to have an account on the main website (or forums, since they are linked) before we can do so.  Once you contact us we will send you an email with what information we need to re-establish your home page on GOTH.NET.

This is not available to all members currently as it is a manual and labor intensive process at the moment, so we are only offering this service to members who previously had web space on GOTH.NET.

Previously, we did offer subdomains of GOTH.NET (eg.  We have decided to discontinue this service for now.  We may in the future decide to once again offer subdomains, but for now we will not be.

There were never all that many of them, and these days buying your own domain name is extremely cheap.  We will, in the future, be offering to host your domain on our server (for a fee), however the logistics of this and the pricing has not yet been determined.

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