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Frequently Asked Questions - Fashion

While black is the predominant colour within the subculture, you don't have to wear all black all the time if you don't want to. Many goths wear items in jeweltone colours (dark blues, reds, purples, greens) or grey alongside the black. And there are quite a few Goths who have even made white look very gothic. So don't let that stop you either.

All black is boring. And sometimes, depending on your skin colorations, black is not a color for you. It might even make you look sallow. If black does this to you, then don't wear it. If you're wearing black to be gothic, you're missing the point. You want to look attractive in your eyes. If wearing black close to your face yellows your skin, don't do it. Stick to jeweltones like burgundy, forest green or dark blue. Wear what makes you look attractive. Not what makes you look gothic.

No, it doesn't. If you don't like or don't feel comfortable wearing pvc and vinyl, don't. If you feel silly wearing period clothing, don't. Develop your own style based on what you like and what you feel comfortable in. For some this means historical clothing, for others it's the more industrial stompy boot look and for others again it's black pants and a Bauhaus t-shirt.

Only if you want them. The same advice goes for just about anything else, like whether you need to have black long hair or if you need to smoke/drink/do drugs to be considered a Goth.

Also remember that a lot of piercings connotes to some people that you are a masochist and you do it for sexual pleasure. To some, piercings are not a fashion statement. They're an advertisement. The same goes for tattoos. So get something if you think it will be attractive on you. Highlight areas of your body that are attractive with little bits of metal if you want, but going overboard looks silly. Also, if you are underage, get parental consent. If a studio is busted for piercing a minor, it could put them out of business, so be courteous, respectful, and responsible.

Remember also that a piercing or tattoo studio that will pierce or tattoo minors without parental consent is breaking the law... and stop to consider the fact that if they don't take the law too seriously, then what else they might not be taking too seriously. You really do not want to get body modifications done at a place that is lacking in responsibility for the legal system or hygiene. Get your modifications done at a good respectable place. If you cannot afford their rates wait and save your money! it is not worth running the risk of getting things like Hepatitus for a cheap modification... or a crappy quality tattoo or badly placed piercing.

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