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Frequently Asked Questions - Music

The obvious answer here would be "whatever you like" as you'll never enjoy something that you're forced to listen to. If you want starting points for music within the Gothic genre, I'd recommend starting with some of the bands that started it all and remain the main staple including, but not limited to: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, The Cure, Christian Death, Clan of Xymox.

Other things that I recommend are compilation cd's or box sets like the Goth Box (Cleopatra), This Is Goth (Cleopatra), Monsters of Goth (Cleopatra) or the Unquiet Grave series (Cleopatra) and compilations/label samplers like those put out by Neue Aesthetic Multimedia (Blackout A.D., Towards the Sky) and Projekt. You're sure to find some artists in the mass that are presented on these discs that will appeal to you so you can explore further.

You also don't have to like everything. Some people love Bauhaus and can't stand the Sisters, that's all a matter of personal preference. Then there's people who lean more heavily towards darkwave, or ethereal, or ebm or industrial or deathrock. Choose your own path amongst the many out there.

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