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My "Goth Tag" Vlog

Everything online. Good web sites, a discussion of the internet in general, anything you see online is fodder.
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My "Goth Tag" Vlog

Postby Class-Punk » Sat Mar 08, 2014 5:27 am

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Re: My "Goth Tag" Vlog

Postby neutronium_cat » Sun Apr 06, 2014 7:55 pm

(I got to comment here, have no google YT account)

Good. I hate mainstream crap of uniform love songs with no lyrical creativity or uniqueness including the sound.

There is a small place for 80's/90's music of that crappy type if it is able to be listened to as some very-background noise without recognition of the aforementioned lyrical and musical dronings in any individual way, but more of it as fodder.. But it has little other merit at all. The great amount of period garbage labeled as 'love songs' is a huge bore to me.

I said it has a place, and that place is in a 1" speaker like the one found in an old land-line telephone handset. But it has no place in any handset itself, unless it is a test lab that tests the durability of phones where the handset is slammed down.

That cheap repetitive love song junk also pervaded into the 00's but seemed to be turned more to the rappy and rhythmically inclusive side. People who buy/bought it do so because something compels them. Not leaders but followers. Maybe they had nothing else by which to mindlessly drum their fingers on the counter.

Ok well there;s nothing wrong with PBR.. Poor simple good beer, co-opted by hipsters. I hate to say this for fear of people making unjust fun, but it's not PBRs fault. Hipsters have the same right to beer as anyone.

Nothing wrong with not conforming to Goth attire or Black. Dress isn't always a reflection of personality or of personal taste. Not conformance and tolerance is one part of Goth, so. People like what they like.

Hipster goth? I didn't know this exist, but OK for me it's all good as long as my eyes don't hurt when I see something! 8-).

Yeah Joy Division.

I can see 'baby bats' getting ridiculed behind their backs by pretentious goths, but it's really rare to my eyes. Recalling the activity was prevalent on 'thechurchboard', a message board for/from the Dallas club.. it was a drama extravaganza and it's gone for years now.

Do not most goths have a good opinion of new goths or young goths and would have a more endearing opinion of them rather than derisive? To me it's like feeling protective of my little brother, niece, or nephew, or apprentice. So I think the term's not inherently bad but more of a vague concept some people use to describe a generic beginning. Even so any society has parts some others don't like, but have to be included. In that way the pretentious goths may be in the same boat as the baby bats.

I enjoyed the Vlog linked in the post. Please make more and lead by example. Maybe I'll have the nerve to do something like that.
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