The forums have now been linked to the main GOTH.NET website. You must create (or log into) an account on the main website before you can log into the forums.

If you had an account on the forums before the main site and forums were linked, you can use your forums username and password to log onto the main website, which you must do at least once before you can log into the forums again. You must also clear your forum cookies in your browser from before the link, or you will not be able to log on!

Note: It may take up to an hour after logging into the main site for credentials to work on the forums, however it SHOULD take less time. If you still can't logon after 1 hour, please feel free to contact us.

"Help! I can't login to the forums!"

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"Help! I can't login to the forums!"

Postby PreZ » Sun Jun 07, 2015 11:02 pm

Despite the gigantic blue banner at the top of the page, many people seem to not be able to figure this out.

With the re-launch of the website, the forums and the main GOTH.NET are linked.
ALL forums users must log into the main website AT LEAST ONCE to be able to continue to log into the forums.
This will complete the link of your account to the main website (it will create an account for you on the main website) and allow you to then log into the forums.

Once you have completed this link, you can, if you like, completely ignore the main website and just log directly into the forums again if you wish. However having created this link, you can now also contribute to the main website, commenting, submitting content (art, community sites, web links), and even creating your own interest groups, which are like mini-sites unto themselves. It's up to you.

NOTE: If you already did this before about an hour ago (June 8, 2015, 1am US EST), you will probably have to go to the main website and reset your password. There was a bug in the password storage logic that was causing garbage to be saved instead of a usable password. To do this log into the main website and click 'My Account', then the 'Edit' tab, and then enter a new password twice and click Save. And you're done and forum login will work again. You do NOT need to do this if you've never logged into the main website before :)

If you DID NOT have an account on the GOTH.NET forums before the re-launch, you will have to register on the main website before you can log into the forums. Registration is easy and takes only a few minutes. All pre-existing forums users do NOT need to register, just log in with your forums username and password.

If you are still having problems logging in, AND you have followed the directions above, please feel free to contact me, however I shall be a little put out if I find you don't have an account on the main site (which means you didn't follow these directions) :)

NOTE: Due to some current issues with the synchronization between the main website and the forums, it could take up to an hour (though more likely up to 15 minutes) before you will be able to log into the forums. We are working on trying to make this instantaneous.
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