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Les Modules Etranges

This forum is for discussing Gothic and Industrial music, as well as other kinds of music popular in the scene (deathrock, etc).
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Lord Sébastyén
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Les Modules Etranges

Postby Lord Sébastyén » Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:33 am

Les Modules Etranges are a French gothic band, formed in 2007 by Azia(singer) and Jenn (guitars). They play a kind of gothic and post-punk music mixed with some electro and coldwave elements. They first released two ep's which are free (see links below).
Their first album was 'Dawn' 2009, 'Another Version' in 2010, both self-released, with 'Turmoil', their third album being released on June 1st (on Seventh Crow Records). They're still very much a D.I.Y post punk band in the true meaning of the term and they don't take trouble lying down. With this band you can guarantee that if something's wrong - they'll come out fighting - loudly! Even though they have a record deal, they'll still have complete control after having had their fingers burnt.

Les Modules Etranges have opened for Gitane Demone in Paris, and for The Legendary Pink Dots and Cindytalk in Nantes in 2009. Their name comes from Dune, the cult film based on the Frank Herbert books and is translated as 'The Weirding Module'. The current line-up is Azia, singer and writer, (from 2007 to present), Jenn, guitar, other instruments and writing, (2007-present) and JrM, Bass (2009-present) with former members being Johnny Northridge and Alan Smithee.



"Turmoil relève de la peur, de la blessure, de la détresse, de l’envie, de la trahison, du totalitarisme, de l’aliénation. Hypersensibles, les Modules savent qu’il n’est de vie réelle qui ne soit marquée : l’absence de cicatrices est louche. En cela, leur musique ne sombre pas dans le nihilisme non plus car elle en appelle à une énergie fondamentale qui soutient la vie, même si celle-ci est parfois bien noire, – notamment dans la pénombre de nos cités." Jean Delpech

Buy the cd (10€ + shipping) at : (Paypal)[/color]

Pour les commandes par chèques ou autre, merci de nous contacter / For cheque orders please contact us at or

Get a digital copy (mp3/flac/wav/etc...) including full artwork at :[/color]

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Re: Les Modules Etranges

Postby demon17 » Sun Jun 26, 2011 6:44 am

Hey Lord Sébastyén,

it's good to hear something from France. I'm sure there is a gothic scene there but there is no contact with Germany, which I regret, because we need a lot of creative input. Is seventh crow record a lable for french goth music? Is there any download of that free eps. I can't find it. Which bands are your favourites in France? Even if somebody asks for gothic in France on the German Gothic Boatd no one can answer his questions. I'm sure I could learn a lot of French gothic.

dark greetz

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