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Pale Skin - How to get pale skin *fast*

Clothing, boots, makeup, hair care ... everything for the vanity concious. Also a place to discuss sewing and DIY fashion and crafty projects. Shopping questions or recommendations? This is the place!

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Postby 99-1029784160 » Tue Aug 20, 2002 4:05 am

I was reading other ways to get pale skin. Most ppl got pale skin by avoiding sunlight. That could take quite a while. Is there no make up you can use? or aything like that? Anyone got an ideas that are *INSTANT*

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Postby Aether_Angel » Tue Aug 20, 2002 6:46 am

You should head over to the links section on the home page and check out what comes up under:

Online shops>clothing/accessories>accessories>cosmetics...

Or you can click here...For pale skin, this might be a place to start...

Of course, for *INSTANT* gratification, you can't beat a can of flat white spray paint from Home Depot...

Note (just for my own peace of mind): that last comment was in jest. Please, don't go cover yourself in spray paint...
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Postby 69-1029712405 » Tue Aug 20, 2002 7:42 am

It depends on how pale you'd like to be. Make-up can always help alot, but if you use it everyday for a long period of time, it might do damage to your skin ???, plus it'd cost alot.
With that aside, you want to choose a foundation that's a couple shades lighter than your skin tone. For dramatic affects, use a white foundation. Then on top of the foundation, I suggest using a white powder. ;) Hope that helped.
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Postby Mesmerise » Tue Aug 20, 2002 8:08 am

You could read the other threads already done on this topic.

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